Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is an issue that crosses party and ideological lines. Through the combined efforts of Americans of all political affiliations we have ended or curtailed many long-standing forms of animal exploitation or cruelty. However, there is still work to do.


In Congress, I will work to:

  • Ban animal fighting, including dogfighting and cockfighting, everywhere in the U.S.: There should be one set of rules against animal fighting that applies in the 50 states as well as all U.S. territories. Pete Sessions, my opponent, was one of fewer than two dozen members of Congress  to oppose the adoption of this measure in the House.

  • Expand domestic violence protections to include pets: Many victims of domestic violence fear for the welfare of their pets, and will not leave if they are unable to take their four-legged family members. I support federal legislation to expand existing domestic violence protections to establish a federal grant program designed to assist victims of domestic abuse to safely shelter their pets when they leave their abusers.

  • Ban horse slaughter nationwide: In Congress I will join the bipartisan effort to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption. This brutal and cruel practice should be prohibited permanently as a matter of national policy. Despite the bipartisan consensus and support for this legislation, and the overwhelming support of the American people, Pete Sessions has blocked efforts to pass this ban repeatedly.

  • Upgrade standards of care for puppy mills and other large-scale breeding operations: I support the implementation of common sense animal welfare standards such as forbidding the stacking of cages, requiring solid flooring for any enclosures, allowing the animals outdoor access, and requiring some level of regular socialization and veterinary care. As a dog owner and lover I am committed to combating puppy mills and the exploitation of pets across our country.

  • Ban the sale of dog and cat meat: I support a ban on the sale of dog and cat meat in the United States. I believe the United States should show moral leadership on this issue and pass a federal law to ban this practice, especially since there are 30 million dogs killed annually for the meat trade across the world.


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