Campaign Statements

Dallas Morning News Endorses Colin Allred

Today’s endorsement by the Dallas Morning News is a testament to why we began this campaign in the first place – to lift all Texans and make sure they reach their full potential. Having been raised in this district by a single mother, there were several occasions where my life could’ve taken a different path, […]


President Trump Has Once Again Let Us Down

Growing up, my mother taught me to never give up hope on people. Today, I had hoped President Trump would move beyond his divisive political rhetoric in order to bring a fractured country together. Unfortunately, President Trump has once again let us down. Rather than lay out a clear path for our country and present […]


Harvey Victims Can’t Count on Pete Sessions

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast, North Texans stepped up to help our neighbors. Now as those neighbors continue to pick up the pieces and struggle to rebuild, it is clear Texans can’t count on Pete Sessions and congressional Republicans for help. What’s the point of having powerful committee chairs from Texas when they […]