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Colin had the chance to follow his  NFL career with a career as a civil rights lawyer because of the public education he received in the Dallas Independent School District. For so many other kids like Colin, a quality education is the first essential building block to ensuring equal opportunity in our country. Every child has the fundamental right to a quality education—regardless of where they grow up, whether their family is rich or poor, or the color of their skin. Education liberates the mind and opens the door to a better life. But today, we are not doing enough to make sure every child has access to the education they deserve.


In Congress, Colin has been a strong supporter of investing in our public schools and ensuring that our schools and teachers have all the resources they need to support our students. This includes investing in infrastructure as well as universal pre-k so that every child, regardless of their zip code can get a good start on their education and parents get much needed relief in child-care. 


Ensuring that every child in America has a shot at the American Dream, includes making higher education and vocational and training programs more accessible for North Texas families. An investment in our kids is an investment in the future of this country, and Colin will always fight for every child to have the education they need for success.


We have to make higher education more affordable and expand public service loan forgiveness for those who are working to better their community. Our investment in higher education has decreased over time and this has resulted in middle-class families bearing the cost. We must work toward debt-free college and ensure that no matter who you are, you can have access to the education and training you need to succeed. Colin supports efforts to expand access to community colleges and has supported making investments in these vital, job-creating institutions. 

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