Energy and Environment

It is a misconception that we must choose between a healthy environment and a prosperous economy. We can protect our environment, combat climate change, lower energy costs, and incentivize economic growth simultaneously. Texas is an energy state, and we have a unique competitive advantage being the only state in the country with its own electrical grid. Texas can and should lead the way in renewable and clean energy, creating good paying jobs for hardworking Texans and protecting the planet for future generations. We are already doing it with wind energy. Texas is the top state in the country in wind energy protection and nearly 26,000 Texans make their living connected to the wind energy industry. As a nation we should continue to invest in wind, solar and other renewable and clean energy sources, and lead the way into a new generation of renewable and clean energy economic growth.


In Congress, I will work to:


  • Invest in renewable and clean energy sources:  I will support policies that incentivize innovation and promote public and private investment in clean and renewable sources of energy—which can lead to the creation of good paying jobs for North Texans. We should work to grow renewable and clean energy sources, such as wind and solar, to utility scale, while continuing to invest in reducing some of the harmful impacts of current energy sources.


  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Accords:  I will support rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, as well as continuing to cooperate with the international community to combat global climate change.


  • Support the EPA and NOAA:  I will support the independence of the Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to ensure they are able to carry out their missions to keep our environment and communities safe and preserve our planet for future generations.


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