Our current immigration system is broken. Washington politicians have failed to act for too long—preferring to play politics that make the problems we face worse, rather than fixing our broken immigration system. The time has come for a new generation of leadership to find solutions to these problems. I believe in, and will work towards, a bipartisan solution that keeps our communities safe while building ground for compromise, so that we can finally fix the problems in our broken immigration system.


In Congress, I will work to:


  • Keep our borders and communities secure: I will work to ensure that our law enforcement, including ICE, is equipped with the training and tools they need to keep our communities safe.


  • Protect DREAMers: I will fight to pass a clean DREAM Act that will ensure those brought to the United States as a children can find a permanent home and citizenship in our country.


  • Provide a pathway to earned citizenship: Those who are obeying the law, working hard, and contributing to our economy should have a pathway to earned citizenship.


  • Ensure due process of law: All people seeking entry into the United States must be guaranteed due process of law and families should never be separated at the border.


  • Hold employers accountable: Employers who knowingly hire and exploit undocumented workers should be held accountable for their actions.


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