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Economic Growth and Security

Every generation of Americans must rise to the task of protecting and passing on our greatest legacy: the American Dream, the idea that our children will have a better life than we did and that we can retire with dignity.

These uniquely American ideas have spread across the world, but here at home, the path into the middle class is narrowing and the American Dream is disappearing for too many. Colin has lived his version of the American Dream here in North Texas and is committed to restoring this fundamental promise for future generations by fighting for good-paying jobs and an economy that works for everyone.

In Congress, Colin has been a fighter for small businesses, ensuring that they have all the support they need to get through the fallout of the COVID-19 and has earned the US Chamber of Commerce’s Spirit of Enterprise award for championing bipartisan policies that help the growth of local businesses.

Colin has been a fighter for local economic growth in North Texas, from investing in infrastructure, including the high speed rail, to leading the effort to secure a bipartisan USMCA trade deal which supports 36,000 jobs in our region.


In addition to the dignity of work, Colin believes that every American has the right to retire with dignity, which is why he has fought to protect Social Security and Medicare to ensure a reliable pension or stable 401k for everyone. 


In Congress Colin has:

  • Helped pass a once-in-a-generation investment, with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to repair and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, creating thousands of jobs.

  • Voted to bring American manufacturing back to our shores and invest in microchips made right here in Texas.

  • Voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act which will help ensure everyone gets equal pay for equal work. 

  • Voted to raise the minimum wage, because in America, no one should live in poverty while working an honest job and playing by the rules.

  • Made job training a top priority because we must ensure all our workers can get the training or retraining they need.

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