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In the 32nd congressional district, here is our recommendation.

Dallas Morning News

October 12, 2020

"Colin Allred has been an effective voice for moderation and comity in Congress and we think voters should return him to office. We find ourselves agreeing with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which also recommended Allred, that he has a bipartisan approach to legislating that is serious and focused on solutions. Allred’s work on the bipartisan United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement was an important effort to lead us toward a better free trade future in this hemisphere. His dedication to seeing a high-speed rail project completed between Dallas and Houston is important for the state’s transportation future. He played an instrumental role in ensuring that a hospital in Garland that was slated to close instead was converted into a new VA facility to treat military veterans. And his support of emergency aid to the border to increase a humanitarian as well as a security response was welcome as well."

Inside Texas Politics: Dallas Democrat US representative endorsed by Chamber of Commerce


September 6, 2020

"I think that the Chamber of Commerce's support is a reflection of the work that I've tried to do in my first term in congress which is to find every avenue that I can to work on a bipartisan basis to deliver results. It's just true that being pro-business doesn't mean you have to be a Democratic or Republican. It's about taking the positions and the actions and working as much as you can to find solutions to actually help businesses succeed. That's why the chamber endorsed me and gave me a 95% bipartisan support score."

Dallas Democrat Colin Allred nabs endorsement from U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a traditional GOP ally

Dallas Morning News

September 2, 2020

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a historically conservative-leaning business group, has endorsed Dallas Rep. Colin Allred, a freshman Democrat whom Republicans are spending considerable money and effort to defeat. Thomas Donohue, the chamber’s chief executive officer, said Wednesday that Allred’s “leadership in Congress will benefit the nation as we combat the coronavirus, work to restore economic growth, and expand opportunities for all Americans.” “In challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of having leaders who understand the genius of the American system of government and free enterprise and who are willing to tackle the hard problems that confront our nation,” he said."

Incumbent Colin Allred drops 1st campaign ad in reelection bid against Republican Genevieve Collins

Dallas Morning News

September 1, 2020

"U.S. Rep. Colin Allred has launched a pre-Labor Day salvo in his campaign for reelection, releasing a television ad that highlights what he describes as a bipartisan approach to move the district forward. The Dallas Democrat lists as his accomplishments his work to secure a new Veterans Administration medical center in Garland and his efforts to help residents through the coronavirus pandemic. The 30-second ad, titled “Own Course,” started airing Tuesday and is the first of multiple television spots that are part of a multimillion-dollar media buy, according to Allred’s campaign."

What you need to know about Colin Allred and Victoria Neave, two of the DNC’s “rising stars”

Texas Tribune

August 18, 2020

'Instead of one keynote address Tuesday night, the party has selected 17 "rising stars" of the party to jointly deliver remarks. Two are Texans: U.S. Rep. Colin Allred and state Rep. Victoria Neave. Their involvement will put them on national television and indicate their stature within the Biden campaign and among national Democrats. What do the pair have in common? They are both from Dallas. And both endorsed Biden at crucial points during the primary campaign. Here's what else you need to know about Texas' two "rising stars."'

OP-ED: We must protect North Texans’ health care during this pandemic

North Dallas Gazette

July 9, 2020

During this time of crisis, we need more access to health care, not less. That is why I have been working hard to combat this Administration’s actions and protect North Texans’ health care. On my first day in Congress, I led the effort in the House of Representatives against a Texas lawsuit seeking to undermine the Affordable Care Act. I have also pushed for several pieces of legislation to lower prescription drug costs and protect folks with pre-existing conditions. I recently joined my colleagues to introduce the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act and call on the Administration to end its attacks on American families and their health care.

Securing the Garland VA Medical Center, and keeping our promise to veterans

North Dallas Gazette

June 3, 2020

"Over the past year, I worked with the North Texas VA, Baylor, Scott & White, and the City of Garland to secure the old Baylor, Scott & White Hospital building to create the Garland VA Medical Center. Now, the 184,000 North Texas veterans who rely on the VA for care will have better access to services like mental health, primary care, and women’s health care services. The acquisition of this hospital will save the VA, and taxpayers, nearly $1 billion in costs, and allows the VA to open the facility sooner to treat veterans with COVID-19 to act as a backstop to the civilian hospital system, if needed. In the long term, the city of Garland will benefit from the thousands of jobs created from this facility."

Q&A With U.S. Rep. Colin Allred: We Must ‘Shift From a Defensive Posture’


May 8, 2020

"U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas, believes we aren’t approaching the coronavirus pandemic with the aggression necessary to stop it. Indeed, these last two months have felt like we’re on our heels, doing whatever we can to avoid others and stay inside as the economy craters and our public health officials scramble to secure testing and personal protective equipment."

Op-Ed: Now more than ever, Texas must expand Medicaid to save lives

North Dallas Gazette

April 27, 2020

"I was born here in North Texas and raised by a single mother who was a public school teacher, so I know the struggles working families face when it comes to obtaining a quality, affordable health care. One in four people in Texas lack health care coverage. Many of the most vulnerable folks among us were in a health crisis long before the coronavirus. We need action from our leaders to remedy this situation right away. April marks Medicaid Awareness Month, and I’m working in Congress to promote the expansion of Medicaid here in Texas to cover more people and improve public health for all Texans."

Dallas Congressman Colin Allred To Appear Briefly In Primetime During 2nd Night Of Democratic National Convention


April 18, 2020

"Dallas Congressman Colin Allred said Tuesday he is thrilled to be part of the keynote address in primetime during the second night of the Democratic National Convention. “I’ll be talking some about the North Texans and the North Texas that I know. The educators like my mom who raised me as a single mother, the innovators, the frontline health care workers here who have kept us safe during this crisis."

Inside Texas Politics: How will the Economy Recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic


April 5, 2020

We have to get this money out there to make sure we keep people employed through this crisis, otherwise we will see spikes, as we already have, in unemployment and reliance on other government programs. We are trying to keep these folks employed so when we restart the economy, they can get right back to work and we won’t have as long of a period of ramping back up.

Inside Texas Politics: Congressman Colin Allred says another federal stimulus package is possible


April 4, 2020

We have a few holes that we're going to have to fill. First of all, we're going to have to do another round of direct payments to individuals. We've already heard that small businesses are having a hard time getting access to some of the funds we made available. We'll also have to support our cities, counties, and municipalities that are already taking on enormous cost right now. We had a lot of money in the last package for that, but for towns that are under 500,000 people, which I have several of those in my district, you're not getting the direct support; it's coming from the state, and we want to try and take care of that as well.

BSW Garland Officially Becomes The Garland VA Medical Center


April 3, 2020

Allred led the charge to turn the vacant Baylor Scott & White Garland facility to become the Garland VA Medical Center, serving 184,000 veterans, creating thousands of jobs for North Texas and will immediately be used to care for COVID-19 patients.

Shuttered Garland hospital to become COVID-19 treatment center for vets; then transition to VA outpatient center

Dallas Morning News

April 3, 2020

A Veterans Affairs health care facility that will eventually create thousands of jobs for North Texas will open with 100 beds for veterans with coronavirus following an agreement from Baylor Scott & White Health and Tenet Healthcare to donate the vacant hospital, which was part a joint venture between the Dallas-based companies, to the VA.

U.S. Rep. Colin Allred says in town hall: “Be wary and prepared” for coronavirus

Dallas Morning News

March 6, 2020

"Allred, a Dallas Democrat, hosted a town hall Friday with Dr. Philip Huang, the director of Dallas County’s health department, and Dr. Trish Perl, a professor at UT Southwestern who studies infectious diseases. Throughout the hourlong meeting, the three stressed what have become familiar talking points: wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick, the disease is mild for most.

'Be wary and prepared for what might come because I think the chances that we will have a case in North Texas are probably fairly high,' Allred said, suggesting families, schools and businesses make plans in case of a severe outbreak."

Rep. Allred: To de-escalate the situation with Iran, Congress must assert itself on foreign policy

Dallas Morning News

January 10, 2020

"America is exceptional because of our ideals and the power of our values. Those values, and our own safety, are undermined when the president threatens war crimes and when we ignore our own constitutional system of checks and balances. The world needs the United States to remember who we are."

Collin Allred’s Bipartisan Bill to Reduce Insulin Prices


November 6, 2019

"North Texas Democratic Congressman Colin Allred is cosponsoring the Insulin Price Reduction Act, a bipartisan measure to bring down the price of insulin for millions. "

House Democrats, led by Dallas Rep. Colin Allred, pressure Republicans over Trump plan to gut Obamacare

Dallas Morning News

April 2, 2019

"I'm proud to lead this resolution to assure Americans that this Congress will not allow protections for people with pre-existing conditions to go back to the bad old days, when they were thrown off their health care when they got sick," Allred said at a rally in front of the Supreme Court.

DEVAL’s TEXAS swing — WARREN’s 2020 prep — BAKER says RMV can handle AVR


July 16, 2018

Former Gov. and would-be 2020 contender Deval Patrick has at last returned to the campaign trail, visiting Texas this weekend to stump for Democrat Colin Allred in a highly competitive House race in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Patrick is in the Lone Star State for a speech to the NAACP’s national conference in San Antonio, happening today.

Texans on the Campaign Trail React to Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Dallas Observer

July 10, 2018

“He will make it harder for North Texans to get ahead,” Allred said, adding that Kavanaugh has been too tough on “working families, a woman’s right to choose, and access to health care.”