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Texas’ maternal mortality rate remains above national average as help sought from Congress

Dallas Morning News

Oct. 27, 2022

“What we see in Texas and around the country is that for the richest nation on earth, we have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world,” Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas, told The Dallas Morning News Tuesday. “While in other nations maternal mortality rates are coming down, ours are actually going up, and particularly for Black women.”

Dallas, El Paso veterans’ facilities will get $442 million in upgrades

Texas Tribune

Oct. 11, 2022

“Investing in VA medical facilities in Texas and across the country is a common-sense thing we can do to ensure our veterans get the best quality health care in their community while strengthening local economies,” Allred said in a statement.

The money allocated to the Dallas VA facility will essentially change the medical center from a short-term inpatient to a long-term spinal cord injury treatment center. A typical inpatient spinal cord injury patient’s treatment lasts roughly four to six weeks.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs Dallas Rep. Colin Allred’s reelection campaign

Dallas Morning News

Oct. 4, 2022

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is again supporting Rep. Colin Allred’s reelection effort, despite the Dallas Democrat’s support for some measures the country’s largest business organization opposes.

Monique Thierry, U.S. Chamber of Commerce vice president, SW-South Central Regional Office, said in a press release on Tuesday that Allred has delivered results for Texas’ 32nd Congressional District.

“Born and raised in North Dallas, Rep. Allred deeply understands the challenges facing job creators, the workforce, and families in northeast Texas,” Thierry said. “He supports free enterprise and the American business community.”

Chamber endorsements of Democrats were once few and far between — and they have remained more an exception than the rule. But the organization has become more open in recent election cycles to straying from its traditional GOP alignment.

‘Abortion saved my life’: Texas veteran voices support for VA abortion services plan

Spectrum News Texas

Sept. 20, 2022

While the Texas abortion ban’s only exception is to save the life of the pregnant patient, some abortion rights supporters and medical groups said the language has created confusion.

“This is not a hypothetical scenario. There are Texas women who’ve been turned away with life-risking conditions, because the hospital was worried that provided this care that they would be subject to criminal penalties, a felony, in fact,” Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas, said. “It’s a decision that’s in the best interest for protecting our women veterans’ health, both physical and mental.”

Rep. Colin Allred breaks down the Inflation Reduction Act: 'This is historic'


Aug. 12, 2022

Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas) joins CNBC's 'Squawk Box' to discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act will help lower Americans' costs, emissions, and more.

Rep. Colin Allred details how climate, tax, health care bill will lower everyday costs

ABC News: Good Morning America

Aug., 8, 2022

Democratic Rep. Colin Allred of Texas joined ABC News on GMA3 to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, a sweeping climate, tax and health care package that the Senate passed over the weekend. The bill is now set for a vote in the House this week.

Rep. Allred: Don’t elect officials who don’t believe in democracy


July 25, 2022

Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX) joins MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss reforms to the Electoral Count Act which was unveiled by a group of bipartisan senators and the bill’s critics. Rep. Allred calls the framework a “good first step but it is certainly not enough.”

Texas Republicans in Congress vote against bill to protect right to contraception

Texas Tribune

July 21, 2022

Democrats, meanwhile, said the measure is necessary to protect women’s personal freedom.

“The decision of when and how to begin a family is a personal decision, and I will continue to fight back against any attempts to further strip away reproductive rights from Texas women,” said U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas.


Texas Signal

July 20, 2022

Before yesterday’s vote, Rep. Colin Allred spoke passionately about the need to protect the marriages of same-sex couples. “It took us far too long to recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry, but then seven years since it was, millions of Americans have come to expect that they too will be able to fall in love and marry the person of their choosing,” he said on the house floor.

House passes resolution calling for immediate release of Brittney Griner from Russia

Dallas Morning News

June 28, 2022

The U.S. House has passed a resolution calling for the immediate release of WNBA star and Houston native Brittney Griner, whom the U.S. government considers to be wrongfully and unjustly detained in Russia.

The bipartisan resolution — introduced and led by Texas Democratic Reps. Colin Allred of Dallas and Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston, as well as Rep. Greg Stanton, D-Ariz.; — had 65 cosponsors in the House, including six Republicans. Allred, Jackson Lee and Stanton first introduced the resolution in May.

Texas Democratic representatives vote for red flag bill

Axios Dallas

June 10, 2022

"Sometimes those closest to an individual are the best to point out if they are a danger to themselves or to others, and this federal law builds on the framework already established in states across the country," Rep. Colin Allred, of Dallas, said in a statement.

Brittney Griner’s Supporters Have a New Strategy to Free Her: Make Noise

New York Times

May 28, 2022

Representative Colin Allred, Democrat of Texas, has been speaking publicly about Brittney Griner’s detention and working with her representatives. He said Griner, who is from Houston, has had access to her attorney in Russia but has not been able to speak with her family. That violated international norms, he said.

“The Russians need to be aware that we know what they’re doing, we know why they’re doing it and there will be consequences if anything should happen to her,” Allred said.

Rep. Colin Allred Questions Texas Leaders Speaking at NRA Meeting


May 26, 2022

The National Rifle Assocation’s annual convention opens in Houston Friday, days after the school shooting in Uvalde. Rep. Colin Allred (D-Dallas) is blasting Texas leaders who are planning to speak.

Texan struggles to pay high drug costs for painful condition

Spectrum News

May 13, 2022

Stories like this are common. That’s why Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas, is fighting to lower drug costs in America. He says the pharmaceutical lobby is part of the reason Congress has not signed bills to keep prices down into law.

“The pharmaceutical industry has a lot of power in Washington,” Rep. Allred said. “They do a lot of lobbying in Washington. They support a lot of folks who are in office here. And that clearly has had an influence… I think when you see folks having common sense ideas that are unable to become law, you have to ask, ‘What are the reasons why this hasn’t happened?’ And in my opinion, part of it is that we have kind of some undue influence going on here that’s preventing, I think, us from passing this critical legislation.”

Nearly $175 million in federal funding headed North Texas' way for DART, other transit agencies


April 12, 2022

North Texas will receive nearly $175 million in federal funding this year to improve the area's public transportation -- and to fund the jobs that go along with those services.

Congressman Colin Allred, a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, announced Wednesday that North Texas will receive more than $172 million in 2022 to upgrade and expand local transit.

Rep. Colin Allred on Insulin Bill: ‘A Good First Step’

D Magazine

April, 4 2022

The House Representatives voted on Thursday to pass legislation limiting how much insured patients pay for their insulin. The Affordable Insulin Now Act caps insulin copays at $35 per month or 25 percent of an insurance plan’s negotiated price, whichever is lower. North Texas Congressman Colin Allred has long sought a way to make insulin more affordable for those who need it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses medical costs with Dallas leaders at health care roundtable

Dallas Morning News

Mar. 21, 2022

Pelosi joined Dallas Democratic congressman Colin Allred, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang in a health care roundtable to discuss the cost of medical care and the financial burden shouldered by community health organizations because of Texas’ high rate of uninsured residents.

Inside Texas Politics: Recapping President Biden's visit to Texas - and why he came here


Mar. 12, 2022

It's a topic that America's veterans say never gets enough attention: The waste of war. The military burned its garbage in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the toxic smoke that it let off left thousands of soldiers sick with rare cancers.

That's why Biden was in Fort Worth last week, to visit with veterans at the VA clinic and promote awareness about healthcare initiatives targeted at dealing with the effects of burn pits.

U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, D-Dallas, was with Biden in Fort Worth. Allred is a Dallas Democrat who serves on the House Veteran's Affairs Committee.

North Texas business owners discuss how they've stayed open during COVID-19 pandemic

Fox 4 DFW

Feb. 11, 2022

Congressman Colin Allred toured Lower Greenville businesses with the Small Business Administration to see their immediate needs.

Business owners shared their current challenges with labor shortages and inflation, with some costs more than tripling.

"We know we’re still working through that and we want to continue supporting our restaurants and our small businesses, so we’re still going to be there for them, we’re not done with that effort," Rep. Allred said.

The SBA said other federal programs, like the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, helped save 101,000 restaurants across the country, including more than 2,000 in the Metroplex.


Texas Signal

Feb. 2, 2022

“Supply chain slowdowns are impacting everyday life for folks across North Texas, and to get our economy back on track, Congress must work in a bipartisan way to strengthen our supply chain and end the disruptions we’ve seen as a result of this pandemic,” Allred said in a statement. “This shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and it’s why I am proud to help lead this bipartisan Caucus and craft solutions that will help reduce costs, create jobs and improve our supply chain across the board.”

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