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Allred Highlights Rep. Sessions’ Votes to Take Away Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions in Ad

After 22 years in Washington, Sessions has lost touch with North Texas

DALLAS - Today, Colin Allred’s campaign for Congress released its second TV ad for the 2018 general election. Titled “Listening,” the spot highlights how Congressman Pete Sessions has lost touch with North Texas after 22 years in Washington. In his only town hall meeting in the last year and a half, Sessions snapped at his constituents, telling them “you don’t know how to listen.” But Sessions’ voting record in Congress--casting more than 50 votes to strip away protections for people with pre-existing conditions--demonstrates he’s the one who’s stopped listening to North Texas. The ad begins airing on broadcast, cable, and digitally today.

The full ad can be viewed here.


Pete Sessions: “I now understand why you’re so frustrated—you don’t know how to listen.”

Narrator: “It’s Pete Sessions who stopped listening to us, voting to take away protections for people with pre-existing health conditions, jeopardizing coverage for thousands of North Texans.”

Colin Allred: “When you see him cast a vote to remove protections for people with preexisting conditions, like my mom, who had cancer, I don’t think that’s who we are here in North Texas. We deserve someone who actually listens to us, who is accountable to the people of this district. I’m Colin Allred, and I approve this message.”

Sessions has lost touch with North Texans in the 32nd District:

He refused to hold a town hall for over a year.

The last time he did hold a town hall, he told constituents that they “don’t know how to listen” and ended the event early.

Despite the fact that an estimated 324,000 North Texans in the district have pre-existing conditions, Sessions voted over 50 times to repeal coverage protections for these individuals.

Paige Hutchinson, Allred’s campaign manager, said, “Colin is deeply rooted in the district. Unlike Congressman Sessions, he will listen to North Texans and represent their interests in Congress--not corporate donors or a political party. Having had a mother who survived breast cancer, Colin understands first hand how important it is to protect people with pre-existing conditions. He'll prioritize expanding access to and lowering costs of high-quality healthcare.”


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