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ALLRED: McConnell Confirms GOP Plan to Cut Social Security and Medicare

Rep. Sessions’ vote for corporate tax giveaway added $2 trillion to debt, forcing deep cuts to programs seniors’ depend on

DALLAS -- Today, Colin Allred released the following statement after news that Congressional leaders were again saying they would cut Medicare and Social Security to close the budget deficit.

“With their reckless tax bill, Washington politicians like Mitch McConnell and Pete Sessions voted to leave America and the next generation with a staggering $2 trillion in new debt.

“Now they are admitting what we have known all along. Congressman Sessions and his allies will have to cut Medicare and Social Security in order to pay for the tax giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest Americans -- breaking the promise made to our seniors.

“In Congress, I will fight for middle class tax cuts--not handouts to those at the top. And while Pete Sessions has voted to raise the retirement age and cut Medicare benefits, I will protect them. It’s time for new leadership in Congress that puts North Texas ahead of party politics.”


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