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Allred Statement on Texas GOP’s Radical Platform


June 18, 2022


Allred Statement on Texas GOP’s Radical Platform

DALLAS — Congressman Colin Allred (TX-32) released the following statement on the Texas Republican Party’s platform.

“The Texas Republican Party is trying to take us back to a time when women couldn’t make decisions about their own bodies and when Americans lived in fear that they would be punished for being themselves.

“Their continued lie that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected is a threat to our free and fair elections and democracy across the globe. And their push to make it easy for anyone, regardless of criminal history or mental health issues, to purchase a gun is wildly out of touch with the overwhelming majority of Texans who support gun safety measures.

“Instead of pursuing these dangerous attacks and non serious efforts to abolish the Federal Reserve and repeal the federal income tax, Republicans in power should get to work on expanding Medicaid to get folks care and save our rural hospitals, on fixing our grid and lowering costs for hardworking families.

“There are more of us who want to move our state forward than there are of them trying to hold us back. I’ll never stop fighting to build a Texas where everyone is welcome and safe.”

The Texas Republican Party platform includes:

  • Claiming that President Biden was not legitimately elected.

  • Requiring Texas students to learn that life begins at fertilization.

  • Removing the Legislature’s power “to regulate the wearing of arms.”

  • Calling homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice.”

  • Attacking transgender Texans.

  • Amending the U.S. Constitution to repeal the federal income tax.

  • Abolishing the Federal Reserve.


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