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BREAKING: New Polls Show Colin Allred Surging in TX-32

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Allred ties or leads Rep. Pete Sessions in battleground seat polling.

DALLAS - With just six weeks before Election Day, Texas Democrat Colin Allred is gathering all the momentum as two separate polls in the same day show him tied, or leading in Texas’ 32nd Congressional District.

The first poll, released on Monday by Protect Our Care, showed Colin ahead of Congressman Pete Sessions by 5 points.

The second poll, conducted by The New York Times and Siena College shows Colin statistically tied with Sessions, the incumbent of more than 20-years. In addition, the New York Times’ survey showed Congressman Sessions approval rating 2-points below water. In sharp contrast to Sessions’ polarizing figure, 38% of voters approve of Colin, and only 15% disapprove.

“North Texans are tired of Washington politicians like Congressman Sessions putting special interests and campaign donors ahead of them,” said Paige Hutchinson, Allred’s campaign manager. “After voting to take away protections for those with pre-existing health conditions and putting Social Security and Medicare benefits in jeopardy for a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, it’s clear Pete Sessions has lost touch with this community. Colin will be the independent voice that North Texas deserves in Congress.”

Nonpartisan election handicappers such as Cook Political Report and Inside Elections both classify this hotly contested race as a toss-up, and Sessions is widely regarded as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in Texas.




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