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Colin Allred Statement on Graham-Cassidy Bill

The Graham-Cassidy Bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act is yet another harmful iteration of Congressional Republicans attempting to strip millions of Americans of their health care. This bill is dangerous and harmful, and we need to do everything that we can to oppose it.

This bill would slash Medicaid by hundreds of billions of dollars, risk the coverage of Americans with preexisting conditions, allow insurers to sell plans that don’t cover essential benefits, and cut health care for seniors and people with disabilities. Up to 32 million Americans could have their health care taken away, including our friends and neighbors here in North Texas. Out-of-pocket costs and premiums will skyrocket, making medical care out of reach for so many Americans across the country.

Make no mistake — this bill is a real threat to the health and wellbeing of Americans. Instead of constantly threatening to tear apart the health care of families and individuals everywhere, we should be working to ensure access to health care for all Americans, and that’s what I’ll be fighting for when I’m elected to Congress.

Sixteen patient and provider organizations came out in opposition yesterday to the Graham-Cassidy Bill.


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