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Colin Allred Statement on Pete Sessions’ Support for Border Wall

Rep. Pete Sessions is completely out of touch with the needs of North Texas families. He would rather spend tens of billions of dollars building a border wall than provide access to affordable health insurance for the 324,000 people in our district with pre-existing conditions.

A border wall won’t address our broken immigration system, which is why lawmakers from both parties that represent the border oppose funding this misguided project. I’ve spent months talking with North Texans here in TX-32, and no one is focused on the wall. People want to talk about access to affordable health care, building an education system that prepares their kids for the future, and creating an economy that truly works for everyone – not a multibillion dollar wall that Texans don’t want and America doesn’t need.

After 20 years in Washington, Rep. Sessions continues to put party politics over what’s best for our district and our country. It’s time for new leadership in Congress that serves the needs of North Texas, not corporate donors and special interests.

Sessions, Chairman of the House Rules Committee, stripped a provision out of the annual defense budget that would have prevented the Pentagon from funding President Trump’s border wall at a meeting yesterday. The move clears a major hurdle in building the wall. The Pentagon can use taxpayer dollars to build the wall if the budget passes the House, is approved by the Senate, and is signed by the President.


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