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Colin Allred Statement on Skinny Repeal Failure

Last night’s failure of the so-called ‘skinny repeal’ of the Affordable Care Act marked a resounding victory for the many Americans on both sides of the aisle who made their voices heard in the fight to protect our health care. By taking to the phones and the streets, reaching out to their Congressional representatives online and offline, and rallying in communities across the country, they prevented the Senate from stripping care from more than 16 million Americans — including thousands here in North Texas.

This is a victory for our country — but the fight goes on. We must stay vigilant in protecting the care that millions of Americans depend on from future attacks by elected leaders who have shown that they will put tax cuts for the wealthy ahead of lifesaving care for our families and neighbors. We must now work towards universally affordable and accessible care for all. The failed Senate vote overnight opens the door for all of us to come together to build on the Affordable Care Act, but it is now unmistakably clear that in order to end these dramatic, reckless political fights over our health care we will need to change the politicians representing us.

Every American deserves the peace of mind that comes with quality health coverage. I’m committed to do whatever it takes to stand up for our care — and as Congressman, I’ll keep up the fight to ensure universal health care for all.


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