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Colin on Trump Sabotage of America’s Health Care: ‘Stop Gambling with Our Lives’

In the past 24 hours, Donald Trump has made crystal clear he plans to dismantle and destroy the nation’s health care system simply to score political points and erase President Obama’s legacy. From his Executive Order opening the door to substandard health insurance plans that will drive up health care premiums for millions to his decision to end cost-sharing subsidies for the 7 million Americans who rely on them to afford health coverage, the President is literally gambling with our lives. His dangerous and shortsighted actions will undermine protections for people who can least afford it — including the 324,000 individuals with pre-existing conditions here in North Texas.

Recent Congressional Budget Office research shows that, under current law, the health insurance markets would remain stable. But if Congressional Republicans and Trump keep at their attempts at repeal without a sufficient replacement, that stability could crumble.

It is time for the President to stop his assault on the health care that millions of Americans need to live and to start working across the aisle with Democrats to shore up and build on the Affordable Care Act. I call on Pete Sessions and congressional leaders in Washington to stand up for our citizens — or make way for new leadership that will

prioritize our communities over their politics.


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