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ICYMI: NBC DFW Says Race for Congressional District 32 ‘Heating Up’

ICYMI: NBC DFW Says Race for Congressional District 32 ‘Heating Up’ as Allred Calls for Televised Debate with Congressman Sessions

Sessions Avoids Debate, Attends PAC Fundraiser at Hockey Game in Washington

Dallas, TX -- As polls show the race for Texas 32nd Congressional District heating up, Congressman Pete Sessions chose to cool off at a fundraiser for his PAC at the Washington Capitals hockey game (see invite here). This week Colin Allred called for a televised debate with his opponent to debate the issues important to North Texans to the widest possible audience. As of today, Sessions has not accepted Allred’s offer for a televised debate before early voting begins on October 22.

“After after more than two decades in Washington, you’d think Congressman Sessions would be ready to debate so that North Texans could make an informed choice on his record,” said Paige Hutchinson, campaign manager for Colin Allred. “Texans expect their representative to show up and do the work. If you have time to go to a hockey game in Washington to raise money for your PAC, you have time to debate the issues that North Texans care about.”

More on the race from NBC DFW: Race Between Pete Sessions, Colin Allred for Congressional Dist. 32 Heats Up

The race for Congressional Dist. 32 is heating up. This weekend incumbent U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions ran a new ad on television saying liberals are targeting him.

Democratic challenger Colin Allred has had an ad on the air for a few weeks. His ad focuses on his mother raising him in the district. He is a former NFL player, and is a civil rights lawyer.

The Dist. 32 race has gotten more competitive and the independent Cook Political Report calls it a toss-up. The New York Times polled 500 people in the district and Sessions, an 15-year incumbent, is up by only one.

Allred is now asking for a televised debate with Sessions.BC

"I think that it is really important for the people of North Texas to hear us out on live television, to see our contrasting visions for where we want to go," said Allred.

Sessions points out they already have other events scheduled together, open to the public and the media.

"We have too many things scheduled already. This is not just late, but this interferes with other plans that we have," said Sessions.


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