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ICYMI: NBC News Says Pete Sessions is Running From His Record on Healthcare

Allred Tells NBC Sessions’ last-minute attempts to mislead Texans:

“...the worst kind of cynical Washington politics…”

DALLAS – This weekend NBC News published a report detailing how Washington politicians like Congressman Pete Sessions are attempting to run away from their record of attacking Texans’ health care.

NBC News specifically calls out Congressman Sessions’ non-binding resolution as offering “few details” to actually protect hard-working people in North Texas. Additionally, NBC noted Sessions’ silence on the lawsuit led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, that would gut protections for pre-existing conditions coverage.

NBC News: As Republicans run on pre-existing conditions, Dems say they're running from their record

...dozens of members of Congress introduced or signed on to a pair of non-binding House resolutions focused on preserving a version of one of Obamacare's signature protections: a guarantee of coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Most of the members had a few things in common, beyond their decision to go all-in on the issue in the campaign's closing weeks. They were Republican. They had voted, repeatedly, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the law that forces insurers to take on customers with pre-existing conditions with no added charge to their premiums, and last year voted for a replacement bill that would weaken that guarantee. And many — including Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, the author of one of the measures — had found themselves locked in the closest races of their congressional careers.


But so far it's not clear the change in Republican politics has been matched by a shift in policy. The House resolutions offer few details, and conservatives have rebelled against prior efforts to keep existing ACA protections.


“I think that Pete Sessions’s non-binding resolution to protect pre-existing conditions that he put out a couple of weeks ago is just the worst kind of cynical Washington politics that people are so sick of,” Colin Allred told NBC News earlier this month at a fish fry sponsored by the Dallas County Democratic Party. “When you have a record in which you have voted over 50 times to take away those protections and then you try to pass a non-binding resolution to say that you stand for them, I think people can see through that.” [...[ Asked twice if he was satisfied with how he voted on the Republicans' health care legislation, he told NBC News that he had expected that the details would ultimately be worked out later.


As for the lawsuit Texas is also leading that would undo Obamacare’s protections, Sessions deflected several times when asked for his thoughts. “I don’t know about that,” Sessions told NBC. He acknowledged that his state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, is suing with other states, but he said “it has nothing to do with pre-existing conditions and has to do with state flexibility.” His political future may depend on whether his district's voters share his view of that distinction.


As dozens of people — mostly seniors — chowed down on fried catfish at long folding tables at a local gymnasium recently, Allred told the audience that on the day Sessions voted to repeal Obamacare in 2017, he spoke to a young woman named Natalie Cortez, who was battling stage-4 cancer. “Our area and Natalie deserve better than Pete Sessions and a non-binding resolution to protect pre-existing conditions,” Allred, a civil rights attorney and former NFL player for the Tennessee Titans, said to rousing applause and cheers.

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