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ICYMI: Sessions Plays Politics with Violence Against Women Act

Sessions confronted over “NO” vote on VAWA at domestic violence forum

Dallas, TX -- Today the Dallas Morning News published a detailed report on domestic violence and how is an increasingly relevant issue to voters across North Texas. In response to Congressman Sessions’ refusal to put the safety of Texas’s women over partisan politics, Allred campaign manager, Paige Hutchinson released the following statement:

“Congressman Sessions voted against the Violence Against Women Act in 2013 and has not pushed for its reauthorization this year. We need leadership in Congress that will deliver real results that help give women, families, and law enforcement the resources they need to keep families safe -- not make excuses.”

From the Dallas Morning News:

At Thursday's candidate forum at the Dallas Women’s Foundation, Allred said he supported a full, five-year reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and added gun control measures. He criticized Sessions for not pushing harder before the expiration and for voting against the 2013 reauthorization.

“My opponent should have gone to Speaker [Paul] Ryan and said, put the Violence Against Women Act on the table so we can vote for it and have a full five-year reauthorization, full funding for it, and he did not do that,” Allred said.

Sessions did not commit to reauthorizing the act in its entirety, and said he would follow the Trump administration’s requests. He also said he was satisfied with current federal gun regulations on domestic violence, and wanted to keep that out of the conversation so discussions could stay “bipartisan.”

Sessions said he voted against reauthorizing the act in 2013 because “it was a political issue,” but he expressed confidence that Congress would reauthorize the law.

Sessions came under fire in August for comments he made claiming that a Highland Park woman was at fault for her death because she was “unfair” to her husband, who shot her while the two were in the process of a divorce.

Additionally, after the forum last week Congressman Sessions had a tense exchange with a NBC 5 reporter when he refused to explain his 2013 “no” vote on the Violence Against Women Act. Instead of responding directly to the reporter’s questions he accused the reporter of being “confused”, and says “You still want to keep running this camera? Or do you want to learn about this?” Watch that exchange here.


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