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In Fox News Interview, Congressman Sessions Continues 20-year long attack on Social Security

DALLAS – Congressman Pete Sessions, who has declined to debate Colin Allred on live TV in Dallas due to a “full schedule,” made time for an interview on Dana Perino’s show on Fox News this week. During the interview, Sessions again pushed the idea of moving people off of Social Security as a guaranteed earned benefit, and into “private accounts.”

Perino even interjected saying; “remember how that went in 2006?” referring to the failed Republican attempt to privatize Social Security. But Congressman Sessions pressed on, saying, “we must take more people off government programs” - dismissing the importance of Social Security, which provides retirement security to 4 million Texans

-- a right hardworking Texans have paid into for a lifetime.

Watch a clip of the interview here.

This isn’t the first time Congressman Sessions threatened Social Security or Medicare. Sessions’ record of attacking these vital earned benefits is a consistent thread through his more than 20 years in Washington:

  • In 2017, Sessions voted for the $1.9 trillion tax giveaway that Washington politicians are now using as an excuse to cut Medicare and Social Security.  

  • In 2015, Voted for the Republican Study Committee budget that turned Medicare into a voucher program and raised the Social Security retirement age. [LINK]

  • In 2011, Sessions sponsored a bill that would privatize Social Security. [The Hill, 6/6/11]

  • In 2001, Sessions voted against blocking President Bush’s efforts to privatize Social Security [LINK]

In contrast to Congressman Sessions, Colin Allred has made a commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors who have paid into the programs throughout their lives. To read more about Colin’s plans, check out his “Fresh Ideas Plan” that details how he’d change Washington to make it finally work for North Texas families.


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