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Inside Elections Calls TX-32 a Toss-Up

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Dallas, TX – Today, Inside Elections

became the most recent nonpartisan election forecaster to categorize the Congressional race for Texas’ 32nd District a toss-up. Citing Allred’s local roots and experience, Nathan Gonzalez shifted the rating from “Likely Republican” all the way to “Toss-Up.”

"While running to serve the community where I grew up, it has been an incredible experience hearing from and speaking with everyday folks who just want Washington to listen to them. I’m humbled that Inside Elections has noticed the local support we’ve been gathering,” said Colin Allred. “Pete Sessions has lost the trust of North Texans and no longer shares our values. North Texans are ready for change and we’re proud of the broad coalition we are building.”

Cook Political Report

also rates the 32nd district as a toss-up.


Candidate Conversation - Colin Allred (D)

August 3, 2018 · 11:26 AM EDT

Texas 32nd District — Rating: Toss-up

Interview Date: July 11, 2018

Date of Birth: April 15, 1983; Dallas, Texas

Education: Baylor Univ. (2005); Cal-Berkeley law school (2014)

Elected Office: None; First run for office

Current Outlook: Allred is challenging GOP Rep. Pete Sessions in a Dallas-area district that Hillary Clinton won narrowly, 49-47 percent. Sessions has some political acumen as former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, but he hasn’t had a serious race in years. The congressman had $1.9 million in his campaign account on June 30 compared to Allred’s $943,000. But the Democrat is a serious challenger in a suburban district where the President isn’t going to be particularly popular. Move from Likely Republican to Toss-up.

Evaluation: If the only thing you know about Allred is that he played linebacker in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans, you’re selling him short. He’s also a civil rights lawyer who worked in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Greenbelt, Md. In our interview, Allred was thoughtful and engaging and laser-focused on making his case against a 20-year politician who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and has allegedly lost touch with the district. Allred is hoping his local roots and unique appeal to younger, minority communities will result in higher-than-usual midterm turnout and he’ll try to neutralize the local business community. Allred could also be buoyed by the excitement surrounding Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s challenge to Sen. Ted Cruz. And former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez isn’t going to be elected governor this fall, but she shouldn’t get destroyed in her home territory. Sessions is going to have his hands full. Maybe most importantly, Allred was also a star baseball player in high school and could be a force for congressional Democrats in the annual charity game, if he wins this race.

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