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Judge Jenkins Says Attacks are False and Rep. Allred Calls on Ms. Collins to Take Down Debunked Ad

DALLAS -- Congressman Colin Allred again called on Genevieve Collins to stop misleading North Texans, and take down ads stating that Allred supports defunding the police. In mailers and TV ads, Collins has been pushing a debunked claim that Allred voted to defund the police by $600 million.

The Facts:

Allred voted for the HEROES Act on May 15, which included a $600 million INCREASE for programs to support law enforcement during the pandemic. $300 million each for COPS grants and Byrne Justice Assistance Grants. To lower the cost of a COVID package, as requested by the Administration and the Republican-controlled Senate, the House substantially trimmed down the Heroes Act and passed an updated version on October 1 in an effort to compromise with the GOP and get a deal done.

  • Collins falsely claims Allred voted to “eliminate” this funding, but in fact, the House still included a net increase for funding. To forge a deal with the Senate and the Trump Administration, ADDITIONAL funding levels for all categories were reduced across the board to decrease the overall cost of the legislation.

  • This funding was never passed into law so it could not be rescinded.

  • Allred is on record supporting this funding by voting for it in May. (Roll Call)

  • The updated Heroes Act, which passed on Oct. 1, also included $436 billion, for help to state and local governments, which will help local governments pay first responders and police officers.

According to the Dallas Morning News:

“The question of whether Collins' campaign mailer features a darkened Allred came as the candidates debated policing reforms. Collins charged that Allred voted to defund the police by $600 million.

“Allred voted on a congressional package that would have given police departments $600 million. But that proposal was rejected by the Republican-led Senate. The Senate and House compromised on a lesser number, which was still a net gain for police officers.”

Read the story here:

Statement from Allred:

“Ms. Collins’ false attacks are not supported by the facts or my voting record. This is part of a clear pattern showing she is willing to say anything to get elected and fabricate attacks out of thin air.

“I again call on my opponent to take down her ads stating these now-debunked claims, so we can engage on the issues important to North Texans, like responding to COVID-19, and lowering the cost of health care prescription drugs.”

Statement from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins:

“In his first term, Congressman Allred has established he’s a strong supporter of those who serve -- from his work to open the Garland VA to supporting law enforcement by voting for $600 million in funding during this pandemic.

“These attacks on Congressman Allred are completely false. There have been no cuts to law enforcement funding by Congress nor any proposed by Congressman Allred. In fact, legislation he supported would increase funding for community policing.

“I am deeply disappointed in his opponent’s mischaracterizations and attempts to use law enforcement as a political prop to divide us. We must insist on honesty in our public officials, and that’s why I’m proud to support Congressman Allred.”


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