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North Texas Leaders Endorse Colin Allred

“Colin Allred is the voice in Washington, D.C. that North Texas needs. Right now, Congress is filled with too many Members who would prefer to make points, rather than make progress. With their backroom deals and tax cuts for the rich, Congress has forgotten they should be working for their constituents. I am confident Colin will be a Member of Congress whose goal will be to make progress. With strong roots in the 32nd Congressional District, Colin understands the struggles families are facing and will work everyday to make sure North Texas is properly represented.” – Martin Frost

“Today, I am proud to announce my endorsement of Colin Allred for U.S. Congress. Like too many North Texans, I am a firsthand witness to the struggles families face when a loved one becomes sick. Since the day she was born, our two-month-old daughter Olivia has undergone multiple heart surgeries and to this day continues to fight for her life. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky to have access to proper healthcare the way our family does. I know Colin will fight to make sure all Texans have the access to healthcare they so desperately need. And as a school board member for the second largest school district in Texas, the very district Colin attended, I know he will fight for our schools and teachers so they can have the resources they need to teach our kids and make sure they are in a safe learning environment. With Colin in Congress, all North Texans will finally have a voice at the decision-making table.” – Miguel Solis


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