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President Trump Has Once Again Let Us Down

Growing up, my mother taught me to never give up hope on people. Today, I had hoped President Trump would move beyond his divisive political rhetoric in order to bring a fractured country together. Unfortunately, President Trump has once again let us down. Rather than lay out a clear path for our country and present a plan that offers economic opportunity for all, President Trump chose to focus on his Republican Tax Scam and continued to mischaracterize immigrants and DREAMers by injecting racist overtones that will only further divide our nation.

But like my mother taught me, I still have hope. I have hope in the American people. As President Trump continues with his extremist agenda and scare tactics, I am confident voters will send me and other like-minded candidates to Congress in order to fight back. It is time to send a strong message to Washington and let President Trump and the Republican Congress know that we will not stand idly by.


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