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Statement on AHCA CBO Score

Today’s CBO report proves what we already knew: Trumpcare is devastating for hard-working American families. According to the nonpartisan report, the AHCA would render 14 million additional Americans uninsured by next year, 23 million by 2026, and millions more underinsured, forced to live without the coverage they need. This bill shreds protections for pre-existing conditions and would allow insurance companies to hike rates on over 300,000 Texans in the 32nd District alone, forcing families to decide whether or not they can afford to care for their loved ones. Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington, including Pete Sessions, promised better, more affordable healthcare. Today’s CBO report shows that they’ve broken that promise.

Trumpcare is heartless, it is shameful, and it does not represent who we are here in North Texas. Instead of celebrating at the White House, Pete Sessions should be ashamed for his support of this bill. Every American deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare.


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