Voting Information

Oct. 5

Last Day to Register to Vote

Oct. 13

First Day of Early Voting

Oct. 23

Last Day to Apply to Vote-By-Mail

The application must be received by the County.

Oct. 30

Last Day of Early Voting

Election Day is November 3

Voter Registration FAQs

Am I eligible to register to vote?

You are eligible to register to vote if you:

  • Are a United States citizen

  • Will be 18 years old by Election Day (and are at least 17 years and 10 months old when submitting your application)

  • Are not currently incarcerated, on parole, under supervision, or on probation for a felony conviction

  • Have not been declared by a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be either totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote

When is the deadline to register to vote for the general election?

Monday, October 5.

How can I check whether I am registered to vote?

Please visit this website from the Texas Secretary of State to check whether you have registered to vote.

If I move, do I need to re-register to vote?

If your new address is in the same county in which you are currently registered, you should use this website from the Texas Secretary of State to update your address. 


If your new address is not in the same county in which you are currently registered, you must register to vote again. 

If I change my name, do I need to do anything with my voter registration?

Yes. If you still live in the same county as your original voter registration, you can change your information online here. You can also change your voter information at the same time you apply for or change your driver’s license. You can also submit a new voter registration form. 


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Voting by mail is a convenient and safe way to vote in the 2020 election.


Vote By Mail FAQs

Who is able to request a Mail Ballot?

  • Individuals 65 and over on Election Day

  • Individuals who are sick or have a disability

  • Individuals who are confined in jail

  • Individuals who will be outside of their county during Early Vote AND Election Day

When is the deadline to request a Mail Ballot?

Your application must be received by Friday, October 23. You should aim to send your application for a mail ballot as early as possible. 

Can I request a Mail Ballot because I am afraid of COVID-19?

The decision to request a Mail Ballot based on a disability or physical condition is your own. Your county clerk has no legal responsibility to investigate your reason for requesting a Mail Ballot on the grounds of a disability or physical condition. While having fear of COVID-19 is not enough to request a Mail Ballot, you can consider your current health and medical history, and whether these factors allow you to qualify for a Mail Ballot. 

What if my application to vote by mail is being questioned or has been rejected?

Call 844-TX-VOTES for assistance.

I’m a military or overseas voter. How do I request a Mail Ballot?

There is a separate process to make voting easier for military families and overseas citizens. Find out more here

What if I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and it’s past the vote-by-mail deadline. What are my options to vote?

  • You can vote with a “late ballot.”

  • To apply for a late ballot, print out and complete the top section of this form, have a duly licensed physician, chiropractor, or accredited Christian Science practitioner complete the bottom section, and have a representative you select (who is at least 18 years old, not employed by or related to a candidate, and is not any other voter’s representative) submit the application form in person at the main early voting polling place in your county (call to verify where that is).

  • For the November 3 general election, you can submit a late ballot application based on illness anytime between October 31 and 5pm on Election Day.

  • The county elections official should provide the late ballot to your representative at the same time they submit your application, and then your representative must deliver the ballot to you to complete and seal.

  • The late ballot must be delivered by your representative to the main early voting polling place in your county no later than 7pm on Election Day.