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Restoring Our Democracy

The most powerful office in our country has always been, and must continue to be, that of the citizen. Today, however, the corrupt influence of money in our democracy, along with efforts to suppress voting, are drowning out the voices of the American people and destroying faith in our government. When a few individuals and giant corporations can spend hundreds of millions of dollars influencing our elections and pushing their personal agendas, they overpower the interests of everyday people. Everyday people are further silenced when they are stripped of their most fundamental right—the right to vote. Without it, we are powerless to exercise any other right our Constitution guarantees. 

In order to reverse the undue influence of money in politics, we must put power back into the hands of the people, which is why Colin supports legislative efforts, including a constitutional amendment, to overturn Citizens United. Colin doesn’t accept corporate PAC campaign donations. He is a voice for North Texans, not donors or corporate special interests. 

This issue is personal to Colin: as a voting rights attorney who has seen the negative impact of voter suppression firsthand, Colin knows that these practices must end. The voices of North Texans must be heard, and our government must return to working for the people that elect them—not the powerful special interests that fund their campaigns.  

Colin was an early leader, calling for wholesale reform of our elections to root out corruption, get big money out of politics and ensure every eligible voter can easily exercise their constitutional right to vote and has continued to be a leading voice for protecting voting rights and American Democracy. Colin led the charge to pass H.R. 1 the For The People Act which:

  • Expands access to voting by creating automatic voter registration, creates a universal no-excuse vote by mail, makes Election Day a national holiday, expands early voting and removes harmful barriers to voting that impact too many folks in Texas.

  • Ends partisan gerrymandering and prevents politicians from picking their voters instead of the other way around. 

  • Invests in election security by increasing federal support to ensure our elections are protected. 

  • Eliminates dark money and includes the DISCLOSE Act, which would shine a light on dark money special interest spending in our elections, requiring disclosure. The act is in response to harmful Supreme Court decisions that allow shady outside groups to spend anonymously without disclosing who is funding them. 

  • Empowers ordinary people, and remakes how campaigns are funded by creating a matching system for small-dollar donations that encourages everyday Americans to participate in democracy and decreases the power of big donors. Our democracy belongs to the people and this move will help get big money out of politics.  

  • Ensures strong rules and oversight by remaking the Federal Election Commission so it can hold bad actors accountable and finally common-sense rules to rein in super PACs and other outside groups.  

Colin also introduced the Know Your Polling Place Act, which would require voters to be notified of changes in their polling places, and the Shell Company Abuse Act, which would make it illegal to use a shell company to conceal foreign spending in US elections. These bills passed as part of H.R. 1.

This bill was modified with a bill to modernize and strengthen the Voting Rights Act in the John R. Lewis Freedom to Vote Act, which the House passed Colin has worked to pass into law. 

In Congress, Colin has been a champion of legislation reinstating and modernizing the Voting Rights Act, to halt new voter suppression laws that have had a clear impact on voter turnout. This includes eliminating unreasonable and discriminatory voter ID laws. 


Colin also believes we need to restore voting rights for the formerly incarcerated: 4.7 million formerly incarcerated Americans have been stripped of the right to vote by discriminatory state laws across the country. This must end. 

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